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For the past four years I have been considering the nature of time and its
relationship to color by wandering the streets of Boston at all times of day with my camera and tripod. I am enchanted by the rapidly-changing colors that happen in the morning when the sun rises and later in the day when the sun sets. The shifting rays of light produce magical effects that sometimes defy reason. Sunlight plays with brick and steel causing buildings to glow and shadows to rise. Glass reflects the surrounding explosion of color as rays bounce from one building to the next. The city rarely looks the same; as the sun travels its path, it lends a distinctness throughout each day and season. Often I will return to the same location to observe the changes brought about by the passing of time; even a brief span can produce a multitude of effects. This is now, and now will never happen again. A click of the shutter-release captures the moment onto my camera’s memory card; while my sentiments, linked to this precise moment, are recorded into my own memory.

When I wonder what it would be like if that light (the angle, color and intensity)
were cast on another building, I turn to the powerful computer-graphics program, Photoshop. I take the liberty of adding color casts, turning on lights, drawing shades, sandblasting, window-washing, painting or gilding in order to visualize the results of my imaginings.
The advance of time can also be observed on a larger scale by considering the
juxtaposition of architectural styles which present the historic nature of this great city.

I have studied the science of digital-printing in order to replicate what I see on my computer monitor. In addition, to add another dimension to my work, I consider the final presentation by mounting, matting and framing the images myself. Having researched the history of the buildings I photograph, I include information of architectural interest.

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